Chairman Message

Riadaa Group, founded in 1998, was crafted with a steadfast commitment to provide high quality professional services and consultation to clients, in order to enhance performance and productivity in the workplace. In Riadaa Group, we strive to achieve unparalleled success and advancement for our clients while, at the same time, continue to invest and engage in our numerous employees across the region.

Riadaa Group’s precipitous growth has been fostered by both the trust of our clients as well as by the motivation and commitment of our employees. Through our diversified services and ground-breaking methods, we provide distinguished professionalism and business efficiency as well as a commitment to excellence for our clientele and their future employers.

Since its inception, Riadaa Group has served as a constructive building block in its operations. Much more than a for-profit company model, Riadaa Group is acutely aware of its social responsibility toward the business society at large, as it continues to demonstrate an unyielding drive to help combat issues such as unemployment and further develop engaging infrastructures between and among employees and companies.

Such challenging objectives and robust determination require a committed management team and keen, enthusiastic employees. Fortunately, Riadaa Group employees and associates now exceed 6,000 based in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and India, who collectively raise the Group’s benchmark by continuing to build and develop Riadaa’s team and motivate and train its employees.

Riadaa Group is proud of the great strides and accomplishments it has made in the past 15 years and looks optimistically ahead to more remarkable success and achievement that help cultivate economic development for its clients and their businesses.
Mohammed bin Faisal AlSager, Chairman, Riadaa Group