Etisal International Group

Etisal International Group is a fully-fledged contact center and outsourcing provider offering a professional channel for clients to remain in contact with customers via phone, e-mail, fax and the Web. Established in 2003, Etisal focuses on providing unsurpassed quality through an ISO 9001 system and the implementation of a COPC compliant operation in order to remain the foremost dynamic business partner committed to providing innovative call center services to help improve our partners’ focus on core business solutions.

Etisal operates out of 3 facilities. The Saudi Arabia facility serves all of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, and employs more than 2,500 employees. The Egypt facility serves the Egyptian market, as well as an offshore OSP for the USA, Europe and Australia, and employs more than 2,000 employees serving the global market. The India facility serves the Middle East and global English speaking countries, and employs more than 300 employees.